Grand Prix Hand Crocheted Shirt (Limited Edition)

Grand Prix Hand Crocheted Shirt (Limited Edition)

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Ethically and safely made in the European Union. Fibres sourced in Peru and milled to yarn in Italy.

Dry clean, hand wash and then lay flat to dry. Never, under any circumstances, put this thing in the dryer. 100% pima cotton from Peru. Knitting in the fabulous Sofia, Bulgaria. I recommend a visit.

Generally at your door in 3-5 business days (and always carbon neutral) via DHL. Free international delivery on orders with 3+ pieces.

Every Y.Chroma garment includes a 36kg Gold Standard® Carbon Offset Credit. This offsets 100% of the C02 generated by textiles, manufacturing and air transport to your door.

MAX Israel Founder/Creative Director


100-Piece Limited Edition.  Hand-knit has always been a mark of sophistication, and the square knot race flag pattern provides a body-flattering structure. Each garment is a marvel of artisan technique, painstakingly knotted inch by inch over days. 

Each piece has the heft of quality -- nearly 2 pounds of Italian mercerised bio-cotton yarn.

Wear it with a shirt underneath, or on bare skin for a sophisticated après-pool look with a swim suit. Either way, you know you're wearing something special. (Literally. We only made 100 pieces!)


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