Glove Leather and Cypress Wood Glasses Case

Glove Leather and Cypress Wood Glasses Case

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Made in my adopted European home town of Valencia Spain. Keep clean with a periodic damp cloth wipe-down.

Generally at your door in 3-5 business days (and always carbon neutral) via DHL. Free international delivery on orders with 3+ pieces.

Every Y.Chroma garment includes a 36kg Gold Standard® Carbon Offset Credit. This offsets 100% of the C02 generated by textiles, manufacturing and air transport to your door.

MAX Israel Founder/Creative Director

My daughter, Lauren, and I have long-standing tradition of buying sunglasses together.  We commemorate all kinds of special occasions with sunglass purchases.  Birthdays.  Anniversaries.  Major Jewish holidays.  Minor Jewish Holidays.  In a pinch, other religions' holidays...

Which is to say that the two of us have a lot of sunglasses. And one thing we've noticed is that the sunglass case matters.

A high quality pair of sunglasses is an investment.  You want a case that allows you to protect them, but that also feels good to use and looks good in your bag or in your car.  

I'm always surprised by the crap quality of the cases that come with even premium glasses.  So I decided that here at Y.Chroma we wouldn't have any of that.

I reached out to my longtime pals Ruggero and Ale, proprietors of Oobuka leather studio in Valencia, Spain.  (I lived in Valencia for over a decade, and still spend lots of time there.)  Their delightfully high quality, hand-made leather goods have been wowing locals and visitors alike for years. 

Ruggero may be a leather craftsman now, but he started life as an architect.  And it shows.  Ruggero's answer to my ask was exactly what a trained architect would come up with.  A gorgeous roll of latté-coloured glove leather, bound and wrapped around sides of blond cypress wood.  Then he lined the whole thing with premium microfibre in Y.Chroma's trademark Italian Plum.

You'll love the solid feel, and the heavy magnetic "thunk" when the top closes.  It even smells great.  The inside is deep enough for even our oversized Bastion glasses and a full 145mm wide.

PS. I ended up loving this product so much that I decided to gift one along with each pair of our sunglasses - a killer deal and a killer combo.

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Glove Leather & Cypress Wood Glasses Case