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New Product: Mazarin Cut In 4 Color Combos

By Max Israel · Jan 20, 2024

We'll begin shipping the Mazarin Cut Shell in just a few short weeks. The first production run is guaranteed to sell out, so I'm spreading the word to customers now.

Let's start with the obvious: The fabric is a stealthy show stopper. Our unique pyramid impress fabric is joint-produced in Japan and Italy. It's water-resistant and manages to be at once structural and supple. You can’t take your eyes off of it, can you?  (Update: Outfit Of The Day with the Military Olive version here!)



Like everything we do, the Mazarin Cut is loaded with details. Leather trim points. Magnetic pocket closures. Camera-grade metal buttons and fittings. And a wicked custom-dyed gradient lining that makes for silky on- and off-boarding. 

And that's a good thing. Because very few things can make a grown man look more forgettable on the way to Starbucks than a bland windstopper. I get that you need a windstopper, because there are lots of days when it’s mildly crappy outside but not North-Pole-Crappy. But that’s no excuse to look forgettable.