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The Sevilla Shirt
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The Sevilla Shirt

By Max Israel · Jan 18, 2024

“Oh, TO HELL WITH it. I’ll just wear that old polo again”, said David Beckham, never. And neither should you.

I designed the Sevilla shirt as a confident replacement for the polo. After all, 6:30 in the morning standing there at the closet isn’t the most inspirational time for any of us. But resist the urge to reach for that tired polo, man! Nothing will kill your cool, midlife look faster than that cliché of a shirt.


Las Setas de Sevilla.


The idea for the fabric came to me while having lunch with my son, Xavier, in Sevilla, Spain. As Xav and I sipped our drinks and marvelled at the airy structure of Las Setas de Sevilla soaring over La Encarnación square in the old quarter, I began to think that maybe German architect Jürgen Mayer was onto something. It looked light and airy, but also strong.




Click on this link and scroll down to the product tour video for the whole backstory.

And of course I make it in a ton of colors – all designed to work with your other Y.Chroma wardrobe pieces for cool, complete looks.