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The Classic Cool of Palm Springs


The Classic Cool of Palm Springs

By Max Israel · June 30, 2023

Last week I took some time off to hang with my folks in Palm Springs and captured this while walking the golf course at his La Quinta home. 

Y.Chroma has a crazy number of customers in Palm Springs, and visiting reminds me of why. This place has such a classic cool, especially with our generation. When we roll into the desert, we're looking for food, vintage deco shopping and art to indulge in a stylish desert escapade.

My day will usually start with an early, quiet exit from dad's casita for a hike in the hills. Watching the sunrise in the desert is a priceless treat, and makes that early morning workout all the more palatable.

Whether I'm solo or with Joci, I start the day at French Miso Café, a charming spot that seamlessly blends French and Japanese influences. The culinary fusion is a delightful experience, and its shady niche in between sun dappled buildings has a great, back-yard feel.

Post-brunch, I venture into the Uptown Design District hunting for mid-century modern finds. Christopher Anthony Ltd. and A La MOD beckon with curated collections that set my AMEX card humming.

For a deeper dive into Palm Springs' iconic architecture, explore the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center. Housed in a restored mid-century modern bank, the center showcases the evolution of desert modernism, paying homage to the architects who shaped the city's distinct aesthetic.

As the sun sets, a cocktail at the Amigo Room in the Ace Hotel adds a touch of desert glamour to the day. 

I gotta tell ya, I can see why my folks have called Palm Springs home for over 20 years now – and why so many of my customers encourage me to open a Y.Chroma popup store here!