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Lex Fridman's Jaw Dropping Metaverse Interview With Mark Zuckerberg


Lex Fridman's Jaw Dropping Metaverse Interview With Mark Zuckerberg

By Max Israel · Jun 30 2023 · Jan 19, 2024

This week Lex Fridman interviewed Mark Zuckerberg in the metaverse. Before you roll your eyes, this is different from all those glitchy, cartoonish things we have seen before.

The interviewed showcased something called the CODEC approach to creating a hyper photo-realistic version of you and projecting it into the metaverse without glitchy delays. The results are amazing. Even though we only see the 2D version, Fridman at times finds himself practically speechless by the nuanced reality including flawless movements of mouth, eyes and eyebrows. 

The longtime friends (one in California, the other in Texas) talk through the remarkable implications which will soon be upon us. 

Will it be fair play to touch up or augment your appearance?

In a virtual or mixed reality meeting where an AI is present, what are the ground rules for giving the AI human form? 

When might we give an AI permission to interview us and see all the content we have generated in our lives such that our descendants might interact with a remarkably true-to-form facsimile of us after we are dead?

In his public appearances, Mark Zuckerberg often comes off as wooden, which is unfortunate. Today I found him to be thoughtful and deeply empathetic, good qualities in one at the helm of such a remarkable company.