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Michael Levin: The Coming Revolution In Biology


Michael Levin: The Coming Revolution In Biology

By Max Israel · Jun 30 2023 · Jan 19, 2024

The world is moving incredibly fast, right now more than ever. This is both cool and, for a guy like me over 50, potentially stressful.

My answer to that of late has been to invest about 20% of my time into studying the rapid changes in AI and medicine. These changes are happening fast, and I refuse to feel washed along with them. So much the better to keep myself on the leading edge of knowledge such that I might be thoughtful, positive and constructive in terms of impact on my family, community, life and health.

One of my go-to sources for knowledge is the fabulous Lex Fridman podcast. His 3-hour interviews with leading scientists, intellectuals, artists and business leaders are must-have content for us.

This week I listened to a particularly thought-provoking episode, and I'd like to heartily recommend it to you. Michael Levin is a biologist at Tufts University, and his work on understanding and controlling biological systems rocked me. The consequences for human health – and how we will maintain our bodies over the coming decades – are significant.

PS. Listening to these two remarkable Americans, both of whom were born to Jewish families in the Soviet Union and came to the United States as children, makes me proud to be Jewish and to be American.