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A Week Enamored by Morocco


A Week Enamored by Morocco

By Max Israel (text) and Jociana Lopes (photos) · Dec 7, 2023

Morocco is spectacular. This week Joci and I threw our things in a little SUV and enjoyed a bit of this magnificent country, just a very short flight from our home in Lisbon. Here are a few highlights of the places we saw — and the Y.Chroma clothes that I took along the way.

But I’d like to start by saying that these guys are totally unbowed by the devastating earthquake that struck the country in September. We saw rebuilding already vigorously underway, and even in the Atlas Mountains one finds everything from visiting maternal care teams to mobile micro finance offices.

I know you guys travel a lot, and I highly encourage a visit. They’re ready for visitors — and their economy suffers in our absence. 




Dar Darma is more than a Moroccan Riad. I’ve traveled the world and have been blessed to stay in some spectacular places. But both Joci and I agree that Dar Darma is unique.

Ownership has been a closely guarded secret for years, but those in the know tip our hats to two Italian gentlemen, who have devoted their resources and their spectacular taste to this ancient Riad. The staff, who instantly feel like family, clearly understand the responsibility they carry.

All suites are remarkable – but book the Blue Suite.

- 10 out of 10 -




Le Domaine De La Roseraie was founded in 1970. It’s nestled right where the Atlas Mountains start showing you they mean business.

1970 was a wonderful year. It doesn’t get enough credit. Whoever runs this sprawling compound of magnificent gardens, buildings, pool, and lodge seems to have been told, “You are responsible for maintaining this bubble of history, exactly in the pristine condition in which it existed in 1970.”



They have not failed. The enormous fireplace on the terrace that faces the pool welcomes you back from an afternoon of hiking. The food is spectacular. The Moroccan wine, championed by the 2021 Médallion, deeply satisfies. The garden bungalows are generous, elegant and have the largest, most comfortable beds either Joci or I can remember.

We were guided through our hike through the hills – including several Berber villages which were hard hit by the quake – by Ali, a 62-year-old who looks like he could have walked all the way to Capetown.

- 10 out of 10 -

My Picks For This Trip

Comfort and clothes that adapt to different temperatures were the right choice for this adventure.



I’ve always been skeptical of the whole Glamping thing. And I confess that as we rolled back north, I was a little reluctant to try it. But this remarkable little company, with outposts in surprising corners of the world, has nailed it. I guess sometimes it’s better to be 100% stylish than to be 100% authentic.

Let’s start with the location: the Agafay region looks like the Coachella Valley 200 years ago.


Caravan is a Collection of glamorous, well appointed tents, rounding canopied restaurants and bar, along with gardens and pool that look like they sprang from pages of a glamorous travel magazine. Everything is executed with typical Morrocan attention to detail, right down to the soundtrack that discreetly lilts from hidden speakers.

Is it a 10 out of 10? I don’t know, but I slept too well in that tent to be even remotely grumpy so I’m gonna just call it a 10. Plus, the bartender stocks that 2021 Médallion.