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Preparing To Launch Y.Chroma Super-premium Denim


Preparing To Launch Y.Chroma Super-premium Denim

By Max Israel (text) and Alex Bogaard (photos) · Jan 19, 2024

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ex: By Max Israel (text) and Alex Bogaard (photos) · Dec 05, 2023



For some reason I will never understand, most really great jeans out there are cut to fit the bodies of 18-year-old swim-team captains.


This makes no sense to me, since premium denim costs more than most 18-year-olds should be spending on pants. But perhaps that is a discussion of a different sort. 


What I can tell you is that many months ago my colleague, Nicky, convinced me that we should and could create a super-premium denim line designed for the bodies of those of us actually paying those Visa bills.


Today I am pleased to share with you, faithful newsletter readers, the first photos from what is soon to be the launch products in Y.Chroma's super-premium Crafted Denim lineup.


We knew what we wanted from our denim line right from the start. Amazing quality denim with just the right amount of stretch (so it doesn't look baggy at the end of the day); Our trademark dedication to structure and interior finishing details; Top-drawer buttons and hardware, reminiscent of black camera lenses. 


Here are some pictures from the mood board Nicky made which graced the studio walls for most of the year. A couple sneak peeks of our custom-made button for the top and button fly!



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