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My Go-To Pant For A More Outdoor Look


My Go-To Pant For A More Outdoor Look

By Max Israel · Jan 22, 2024


I designed the Becker pant to be just the right amount of rugged. When itʼs time to go from a more polished look to an urban rugged look, this is your pant. I mean, sometimes you just need something cooler than every other guyʼs pair of jeans.

One of my smartass kids once called that, somewhat uncharitably, my Urban Italian Lumberjack Look. Funny kid, and she was kind of right. It turns out that it really is made of this amazing, Italian twill cotton – itʼs NOT denim. Itʼs more interesting and looks better in colors in ways denim canʼt.

The Becker Pant has my essential elastic waist and extra structured waistband to keep the whole rig in place, and the Beckerʼs trademark box pockets will help give you an ass in case your parentsʼ DNA didnʼt. (Or, if you do have an ass, itʼll be even better.)

The Becker Pant is totally unique – it might be my favorite thing in my wardrobe right now. Check out my studio video tour and Iʼll give you the complete rundown.



A power combo of structured Italian twill cotton and military-inspired cut makes the Becker Pant perfect for a more rugged look. (And much more interesting than most jeans.)