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Y.Chroma Launches Concierge Service


Y.Chroma Launches Concierge Service

By Y.Chroma · Jan 18, 2024

Three surprising ways our Stylist Concierge Desk elevates your fashion game.

The truth is that my company doesn't sell clothes. Oh, the clothes are oustanding. But what we really sell are outcomes. That outcome is how you feel through the whole process of arriving at a wardrobe and a look you can't wait to wear every day.

To that end, I think you'll really enjoy working with your Y.Chroma Stylist Concierge team. They're ready to talk through your goals, prepare a personalized plan, and handle everything needed to get you out in the world rocking your amazing new look.

Beyond great advice and planning, the concierge team gets things done the old-fashioned way: By phone, email or text, we listen to you and then own the follow-through on your orders, returns, exchanges and requests.



1. Request a personalided wardrobe plan for a season, event or voyage.

Getting ready for the big trip? We'll suggest a pack-friendly kit that will have you looking on-point from airport lounge to poolside to rooftop restaurant with someone special.


2. Ask questions or arrange anything with a quick call, email or text.

We have a great website, but sometimes you have a few moments free and just want to have a quick call and let us take care of all the clicking and typing.


3. Book a personal look plan, color study and wardrobe strength/weakness asessment.

A complete wardrobe reboot – retooling your look from the ground up – can be a daunting task. Your stylist concierge will make the process cohesive and manageable. You'll get a polished, written plan showing all the pieces of your new trademark look, and all the ways you'll combine them to put the plan into action.