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Forgettability Uniform


Forgettability Uniform

Max Israel · Jan 18, 2024


This week you might have noticed that your favorite fashion founder posted real hellfire-and-brimstone video on social media called Forgettability Uniform.

In it, I rail against society's expectation that men at midlife be bland, unassuming figures. I do this while marching up and down my local beach. I do this while marching in my office. I do this while driving my car.

Why do I do this? Because I can't stand the contemporary trend in fashion wherein brands attract customers by paying some Kardashian to take selfies in their products, or otherwise competing in a game of absurdity one-upmanship. I would much rather simply explain why the House of Y.Chroma exists and welcome those who knock on our door.

In case the algorithm felt threatened by me and my righteous yellow sweater and did not want you to see it, you can watch Forgettability Uniform here.

 I welcome your thoughts, as always, on max@ychroma.com.