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New Product: Lagos Canvas Workshirt With Switchable Leather


New Product: Lagos Canvas Workshirt With Switchable Leather

By Max Israel · Jan 19, 2024

Sharp-eyed Craig Bixel spotted the leather pockets which appeared in about a millisecond of video footage on Instagram this week and called me on it! 

Craig is correct: That is a new product not yet available. Here's the low-down. 

Two products in the about-to-be-released lineup have leather pockets. The Lagos Canvas Workshirt has a thick, cognac colored leather patch over the heart. It's solid enough to stop light artillery.

In the lower photo you'll see the same shirt, with no leather pocket. That's because the shirt has a very cool removable pocket using a Japanese fastening system I am in love with. I'll ship every shirt with two pockets.



Also included is a photo of our great new denim shirt (3 colors), which has the leather logo patch sewn into place. Wash it for the distressed look over time or dry clean to keep it pristine.