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Winter Is Sunglass Season (But they're different)
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Winter Is Sunglass Season (But they're different)

By Max Israel · Jan 18, 2024


Few things have the power to make you look cooler than generously sized, not-too-dark sunglasses. I have two models (Bastion and Roy) that I think you'll love, and both feature ultra-premium glass with winter-friendly shading. They'll protect your retinas from low-sky winter sun, while keeping your cool factor high. 

Life's too short to wear junk, and that goes double for anything protecting your eyes. So from a pure build quality point of view, these are a big step up from your typical mall sunglasses.



Both models are made – by hand – in Oyonnax, France. Oyonnax is just a stone's throw from Lake Geneva, practically in the shadow of Chamonix. This is hill country and those hilly Frenchmen have been making precision things like this for 2,000 years. It shows.

The acetate body is cast into a solid, pleasantly heavy 8mm frame. That's thicker than your usual sunglass. It feels solid and looks expensive, which is what I wanted.

The lenses have a light gradient. (Try saying "4 base CR39 sun lenses with backside anti-reflective treatment" in French.) I prefer that. It looks sophisticated, as you can see from the photos. But I also do that because we're all at midlife and can't read shit anymore. So looking down at your phone or cocktail can be done without removing your movie star sunglasses.

Oh, one last thing. I include with every pair a Y.Chroma Glove Leather & Cypress Sunglass Case. These glasses should last you for decades, so I felt you should have a case designed to make the trip with you. Mine come right from my beloved Valencia, Spain – made by hand by my pal Ruggero. He and Ale run the fabulous Oobuka leather studio right up the street from the Mercado Central.