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The Henley T-Shirt
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The Henley T-Shirt

By Max Israel · Jan 18, 2024

I work out twice as hard as my Gen Z sons. While their tender, 20-something heads are still on their ergonomically correct, hypoallergenic pillows I am already awake and killing it in the gym. 



So you can imagine how frustrating it is for me to see that their arms and shoulders always look better than mine. And not a little better. The issue seems to be that they have something I lack: Youth. 

Fortunately for me (and for you) I have something that they lack: A men’s fashion company.


Henley Long Sleeve Real TealHenley Short Sleeve Royal Gold


I designed my Henley T-shirt to be a beloved MVP in your wardrobe for many reasons. The luxurious, made-in-Europe fabric. The rich colors, pre-tuned to work with everything in your Y.Chroma closet.


But the real delight is what’s going on inside. A potpourri of engineering and good old fashioned Saville Row tricks, all employed with one goal in mind: To make your body look better.

Click here to join me in my studio and I’ll turn one inside out and show you its secrets. Just do me a favor and don’t give any to our sons.


The magic on the inside.