Lagos Canvas Workshirt

Lagos Canvas Workshirt

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Ethically and safely made in the European Union.

Dry clean, hand wash or machine wash on delicate - with fabric softener. Hang to dry, medium heat iron. The leather patch is removable, and we suggest not washing it.

Superior quality cotton from Turkey (got the certs to prove it!), stitching done in the fabulous Sofia, Bulgaria. You should visit.

Satisfaction guaranteed. You can return within 90 days, exchange within a full year.

Generally at your door in 3-5 business days (and always carbon neutral) via DHL. Free international delivery on orders with 3+ pieces.

Every Y.Chroma garment includes a 36kg Gold Standard® Carbon Offset Credit. This offsets 100% of the C02 generated by textiles, manufacturing and air transport to your door.

MAX Israel Founder/Creative Director



Life should take you places -- and some of the best places are dirty and inhospitable. That's why a hard-working canvas safari shirt is a must in our wardrobes.

Mine is built to last for ages. Its solid construction and no-BS canvas will serve you well whether you're trucking through an airport, sipping tea under the shade of a tree, or changing a tire in the desert. It's loaded with military-grade build quality and thoughtful finishes.

I couldn't resist adding a dash of panache with our Y.Chroma cognac leather chest patch, removable with an ingenious system we found in Japan. (Both a fabric and leather pocket patch are included with every shirt.)

PS. Yes, that's me in the Military Olive photos! Pair with white Beckers or denim and you can dress it up enough to tour the palace. (In the photo I'm in Marrakech's El Badi Palace.)

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