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New York, The Hamptons


New York, The Hamptons

Max Israel · Jan 19, 2024

By Max Israel / Photos Jociana Lopes · August 05, 2023

Scouting In Manhattan, Chilling in Hamptons

After nearly two weeks of travel, Joci and I made our final stop in New York. Our publicist, Jackie Servais, had a busy schedule prepared of media meet-and-greets. I also took time to scout future store location in Soho. Still, we managed to make time for dinners and museum hunting!   

We finished things off with a day trip to the Hamptons to attend the Lux Lifestyle Magazine Hotlist Awards Party. It was a real treat to see Y.Chroma (2023 Hottest Men's Designer) honored with so many of my long-term idol brands.

Honestly, I was pretty beat at this point and Joci carried the schmoozing load. In the end we just grabbed cocktails and dropped our feet in the pool.

PS. We stayed at the Bowery Hotel. Ask for room 911, a gorgeous corner unique in the building. The comfy back porch faces a garden, and we spied a number of celebrity types taking advantage of its pools of shade to woo each other.