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Mexico City: My Western Hemisphere Home?


Mexico City: My Western Hemisphere Home?

Max Israel · Jan 19, 2024

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Field Testing Tropical Weight Sophisticated Looks in Mexico City


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ex: By Max Israel (text) and Alex Bogaard (photos) · Dec 05, 2023



Field Testing Tropical Weight Sophisticated Looks in Mexico City


Few things set my teeth on edge like seeing men our age travelling in glamorous places looking like they threw on their clothes from the gym.


Last week found Joci and I in Tulum, Mexico, where I put several of the upcoming Tropical Weight Collection through their paces.


Our next stop was Mexico City. Some of you guys will already have discovered that "CDMX" has undergone a renaissance over the past decade. It has edge, excitement and plenty of glamour. It's on my A-list.


When we travel we need our clothes to work, but we also ought to look like badasses. A few sneak previews below and above of the upcoming collection which I hope will help you do that.


PS. Joci and I stayed at the Mexico City Four Seasons. The marvellous historic building is preferable to a modern high-rise, and the service is peerless. I highly recommend it.



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1. A little glance at the new Drücken Jogger pant and Tropical Weight Henley as I take a big gaze at Mexico City's sunset from The Ritz Carlton's peerless Carlotta Reforma Sky Bar.

2. The Sevilla Shirt is a 4-season player and among my most popular pieces with you guys. Looks pretty solid here after marching all day as we tour Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo's joined studios. Below a little peek at the light, flexible and totally styling' Retinol Pant and Retinol Short. (Out soon.)


3. Yes, below is an elevator selfie. Yes, I always mess up our couple photos with an expression like this one. But I wanted to share how great darker tropical weight fabrics dress up well when it's time to go out – and how the Power Cable Pima Cotton Sweater works in warm-to-cool evenings.


4. Travel is a wonderful opportunity to push limits on what you wear and how you present yourself. You'll never see these people again, so it's a pretty low-risk bet. On the other hand, you get to see how strangers react to you in a different look.